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General Questions
  1. What are standard number of characters required for a valid bank account number?
    There is no standard bank account length in Pakistan as it varies between the banks. It is usually between 12 to 19 digits. Listed below are the parameters of banks in Pakistan.
    Bank Account Length
    Al Baraka Bank Ltd 13 digits
    Allied Bank Ltd 14 digits
    Askari Commercial Bank Ltd 14 digits
    Bank AL-Habib Ltd 17 digit
    Bank Alfalah Ltd 12 or 14 digit
    Bank of Punjab 17 digit
    Bank Islami Ltd 15 digit
    Burj Bank Ltd 16 digit
    Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd 10 digit
    Faysal Bank Ltd 16 digit
    HBL 14 digit
    Habib Metro Bank 19 digit
    JS Bank 10 digit
    Note: If Account # is 6 digit, sometimes 0000 at start is accepted otherwise 4 digit branch code is attached at start.
    Meezan Bank Ltd 14 digit
    MCB 17 digit
    NIB Bank Ltd 10 digit
    Note: Add three zeros before the account number if account number is 7 digit & add two zeros if account number is 8 digit
    Samba Bank 10 digit
    Silk Bank 14 digit
    Soneri Bank Ltd 15 digit
    Standard Chartered Bank 11 digit
    Summit Bank 20 digit
    Note: A zero at start and a zero at end to complete 20 digit
    Sindh Bank 14 digit
    UBL 13 or 16 digit
    Note: if account number is of 8 digits 01024850 and branch code is 4 digits 1278 then we have to enter branch code 2 times i.e. 1278127801024850 otherwise if account number is of 9 digits 234046144 and branch code is 4 digits 0357 then we have to enter branch code 1 time i.e. 0357234046144
  2. I am a UK resident using a non UK mobile number. Can I make a transaction?
    Only UK Residents with a valid UK mobile are permitted to make transactions using our platform.
  3. How can I find my transaction PIN number?
    Transaction PIN is saved in transaction details under 'Transactions' tab.
  4. How do I know whether the beneficiary to whom I transferred the money received the transaction PIN?
    Vowpay will send a SMS message containing the transaction PIN to a valid beneficiary mobile number. It is important the sender input the correct contact details prior to the transfer. The sender is also able to view the PIN numbers within the transaction tab and share this beneficiary.
  5. What documents does the Beneficiary need to provide at a Pakistani Bank when sender uses the ‘Cash Out’ option?
    The beneficiary needs to provide a valid Transaction PIN and their valid computerized National Identity Card at any branch of the selected Pakistan Bank.
  6. To which countries I can transfer the cash?
    Currently, Vowpay only allows transfers to Pakistan.
  7. Does Vowpay have any physical counters to submit the cash for transfer?
    No, we do not accept cash to send remittance. All transactions must be completed either via the app or online.
  8. How do I contact the customer support of Vowpay?
    You can use Vowpay Support section to call or email our support team. Support numbers are on the app and website.
  9. Can I login to my same Vowpay account from different phone number?
    No, your account is registered on your mobile. Transactions from other mobile numbers not registered to you will not be permitted.
  10. Can I use Vowpay using my PC/Laptop?
    Yes, you can access the same features on www.vowpay.com and can make a transaction on our website.
  11. Do I need to save the transaction PIN?
    Transaction PINs would get saved in transaction details in transaction tab.
  12. I have used an incorrect name of the beneficiary and the transfer funds have been debited from my account. How can I change the name of beneficiary?
    You would need to contact our support team to change the beneficiary name.
  13. I am getting various error prompts? How do I understand what these errors mean?
    For technical errors, please contact our support team using our in-app feature of Support.